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10 Dic


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Borgo Turrito: la cantina di vini pugliesi pluripremiati che racconta un territorio con una bottiglia 

Tradizione, gioventù e innovazione: sono i pilastri su cui si fonda l’azienda di vini pugliesi sita in Borgo Incoronata, a pochi chilometri da Foggia nel cuore del nord della Puglia. Ai confini col Parco Regionale del Bosco dell’Incoronata, in un’area protetta di oltre 1000 ettari, questa azienda vitivinicola unisce esperienza e passione centenaria di una famiglia legata da generazioni alla produzione del vino.
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22 Gen

Total Black Style

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Bad taste? No time? Be smart!

How many times in your day it happens that you meet women dressed so terrible? and maybe these women make a job where she offers style and beauty.
The question that I ask to myself every time is: how do you propose yourself speaking about something beautiful, good taste and style if your appearance says the opposite that you try to tell to the others?

Well, dear women with no time or bad taste I want to share with you all a little craftiness.

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16 Gen

Sign against pro anorexia website

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Nervous anorexia is the protagonist of the blogs pro-ana.

I’m shocked! In this days I was wandering around the web looking for tips to get back in shape after Christmas holidays, I stumbled upon a site named attractive.

I start to read and I realize that the informations and tips that provides its users for to have a perfect body are pure madness.

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01 Gen

Louboutin shoes: wearing them is a serious matter

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The dream of every woman is to own and wear a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes: the emblem of oddness mixed with elegance, sensuality mixed with sophistication.

But wear a pair of shoes designed by the magician of souliers means a great responsibility.

This article is dedicated to all women who think that a pair of Christian Louboutin is sufficient to ensure its refinement.

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30 Dic

Celebrate Valentine’s day in Italy

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Some Italian towns are conventionally known for being the right place to celebrate Valentine’s day.

Art, atmosphere and natural beauty make them the right setting for a romantic night. Above them all, certainly, Venice, Florence and Rome.

But, if you want to discover other stunning places of italian land you have just to choise: a travel operator and a party planner will organise for you the best jorney and the best night ever of your love story!

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