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ines pesce

I’m a beautifulaholic.

Here I am! This is my blog where I want to share with you my passion for design, fashion, style, good wine and charming wedding places. Everything is beautiful I love so I can define myself as #beautifulaholic.

As Dostoevsky’s said: “Beauty will save the world” that’s why in my blog I will talk about every amazing thing that will capture my eyes.

For a good pesentation of my beautifulaholic world I need to introduce you my personal assistant, the most beautiful thing ever in my life and my ispiration of elengance: Paco, my english cocker spaniel!

It’s been scientifically confirmed that dogs tend to look like their owners but even if I am not Miss Univers, Paco is the most beautiful english cocker spaniel in the world and, of corse, he is #beautifulaholic too.

Paco is the best companion during my travels for the research of the beautiful locations and he is the excellent assistant in my meetings with my big team for the plannings and creativities studies for my clients.

However, after this brief and ironic description of myself, I invite you to follow me on my blog and share with me the stilish beautiful think of a beautifulaholic life.


Special thanks to Pino Coduti.


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La comunicazione e il marketing che hanno spinto ogni mia scelta sin da ragazzina sono, finalmente, oggi il mio lavoro. Quel lavoro che svolgo con passione e che mi spinge ad ampliare le conoscenze e competenze ogni giorno, a studiare, sperimentare e non sentirmi mai arrivata.

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