Libro di Marketing Wedding


This book was created to allow all professionals who work in weddings to analyse their market of reference, define their objectives, their business model and finally understand how to bets implement them.
Page by page and through the use of simple and direct language, this manual accompanies readers as they work on their companies step by step, to study the market of reference, to outline their wedding businesses, to focus on the company’s strengths and weaknesses, to examine the sectors of the market to be monitored, to profile the perfect bride, to analyse the competition, and finally to identify the void in the market.
The book continues by accompanying the reader towards the creation of a product and a service that is unique, as well as different from what is already on the market, and to study the effect of a message that can immediately and efficiently convey his or her unique value. The third part of the manual opens on operational marketing and helps the professional to identify channels that can ideally help him or her to intercept the bride, to create with her a relationship of esteem and confidence and then to accompany her on the journey up to the purchase. Every channel has been described in its dynamics and potential and from this the best practices to exploit them are indicated.
From traditional to digital, every channel has been treated to supply information that can support the wedding professional in his or her winning marketing mix. For this reason boxes, canvasses and frameworks have been planned to set the steps well so that reading the book will not only be stimulating but will become above all decisive.

The book closes with the revelation of a method and a theory: the Gold Flamingo Theory.

This was created to help wedding professionals to distinguish themselves from their competitors and raise themselves to true wedding entrepreneurs.



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