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I am a reformed lawyer. I graduated in Law and obtained my qualification as a lawyer, a job I practised for 5 years. But communication and my hunger for knowledge were always the driving force in my life. I then decided to give up the Civil Code.
I moved to France between Paris and Rheims, and then to London where I completed a Masters in Marketing and Communication at the School of Economic Science. However, I missed Italy too much and in the end decided to return to my home country to work in an important sports marketing agency with its office in Rome.

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My Book

Wedding Marketing Ines Pesce
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This book was created to allow all professionals who work in weddings to analyse their market of reference, define their objectives, their business model and finally understand how to bets implement them. Page by page and through the use of simple and direct language, this manual accompanies readers as they work on their companies step by step, to study the market of reference, to outline their wedding businesses, to focus on the company’s strengths and weaknesses, to examine the sectors of the market to be monitored, to profile the perfect bride, to analyse the competition, and finally to identify the void in the market.


Welcome to my website’s page dedicated to consultancy. If you are a wedding professional you know full well how important it is to start on the right foot. What do I mean? With any marketing activity you want to set up and therefore to invest resources to achieve results, you must necessarily start from an analysis and a strategic plan. Better still if it is created by a true marketing professional. Why? Because, as the father of scientific marketing teaches us, you can learn marketing in one day but you need a lifetime to master it.
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My training offer aims to improve you as a professional, to make you a true wedding entrepreneur who has all the skills in all your company’s sector and, this way, put you in a position to manage it fluidly and perform optimally. Are you organizing a course dedicated to weddings and do you want to integrate one or more modules dedicated to wedding marketing? If you think that my teaching cam complete the training plan that you want to offer participants I will prepare a lesson on one of the wedding marketing themes that is in line with the training purposes of your course.