Welcome to my website’s page dedicated to consultancy. If you are a wedding professional you know full well how important it is to start on the right foot. What do I mean? With any marketing activity you want to set up and therefore to invest resources to achieve results, you must necessarily start from an analysis and a strategic plan. Better still if it is created by a true marketing professional. Why? Because, as the father of scientific marketing teaches us, you can learn marketing in one day but you need a lifetime to master it. This means that engaging in something you are not familiar will mean only wasting money and time and not achieving results. I am sure that you will agree with me. So, what do we do? How do we proceed? I will show you how I usually work with wedding professionals like you.


Questo tipo di consulenza riguarda singole e specifiche problematiche che vuoi risolvere in tempi brevi. Hai lanciato una campagna su Facebook e questa non performa, hai messo online il nuovo sito web e questo non produce contatti, hai organizzato un evento e non ricevi adesioni, i casi possono essere tanti. La soluzione una. In situazioni come queste puoi contattarmi via e-mail per illustrarmi la situazione, fornirmi informazioni e dati a supporto (ad esempio: accessi al sito, alla pagina Facebook, report di Google Analytics, etc.) e darmi circa una settimana di tempo per fornirti il mio responso. Ci vedremo su Skype e in 2 ore di call ti illustrerò la mia soluzione per migliorare la situazione, per risolvere il problema e ottenere, finalmente, risultati. In questo modo, in tempi rapidi e con un piccolo investimento, otterrai da subito un miglioramento della situazione. Questo tipo di consulenza ha un costo di €350+iva. Ti confido una cosa però, questo tipo di consulenza serve soprattutto a farti comprendere che affidarsi a un professionista è la scelta più saggia se tieni tanto al tuo business. Ti affideresti a un idraulico che nella vita invece fa l’autista di autobus? Spero che il concetto arrivi forte e chiaro: un professionista ti offre maggiori garanzie di successo rispetto a qualcuno che prova, tenta e, di fatto, gioca con i tuoi soldi.


Maybe your project is too ambitious, maybe you have set very ambitious aims or maybe you simply want to limit you work and entrust your wedding business’ marketing to someone who does precisely this as a profession. So, in cases such as these the best choice is to trust in my consultancy. Unlike spot consultations, we are talking about a consultation that lasts for a greater period of time. This means I will be able to follow your project, working on all its stages and supplying you with a valuable contribution that is able to support your investment. Even before creating a website, before writing a Facebook post, before sending an email to your database, it is necessary to have made an analysis of your wedding business and to have drawn up a strategic plan to follow. In fact, within the consultancy service I provide there are objectives to reach, channels to use, audiences to be addressed, etc. Think of this as a score that an orchestra must follow. If the score is written well, if the orchestra director is good and the musicians are professionals the concert will be a success, would you agree? Good, if we start working together I will be happy to be the director of your orchestra and our Daruma for Wedding team will be your musicians.


In order to use my consultancy, you have to contact me to set a telephone appointment so I have the time to ask you some necessary questions for me to understand your case and to evaluate what my commitment will be. Yes, you read it correctly. I cannot follow all those who contact me because I would not have the time: every client must be followed constantly and continually and for this reason it is not possible for me to follow more than a limited number of clients at a time. Therefore I suggest that you contact me and show me your project, giving me all the details possible. I cannot quantify my compensation for this type of activity because there are too many variables that I do not know: how many times will I have to meet in person? How complex is his or her sector? How ambitious are your objectives? In short, there can be many cases. Rest easy however; when we talk on the telephone and show me the details of your case I will be able to give you this information.