I am a reformed lawyer. I graduated in Law and obtained my qualification as a lawyer, a job I practised for 5 years. But communication and my hunger for knowledge were always the driving force in my life. I then decided to give up the Civil Code. I moved to France between Paris and Rheims, and then to London where I completed a Masters in Marketing and Communication at the School of Economic Science. However, I missed Italy too much and in the end decided to return to my home country to work in an important sports marketing agency with its office in Rome. I then worked in a large multinational design company that gave me experience with clients of the calibre of Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Vartier and Estée Lauder. And then Love. We all fall for it sooner or later, don’t we? Love brought me back to my beloved and never forgotten Apulia. Here, after becoming Sergio Maddalena’s wife, he became my partner in life and I began working in marketing in the Daruma Adv Agency, of which I am now its CEO. After a few years I founded Daruma for Wedding, a branch of Daruma-Adv which specializes in what has become my primary industry, weddings. Communication and marketing drove my every choice since I was very young, and now it is finally my job. A job that I carry out with passion and that drives me to widen my knowledge and skills every day, to study, experiment and feel like I never arrived.

I entered Daruma in 2012 to support Sergio Maddalena (founder of Daruma Adv) in managing the company and its clients. In a few years Daruma Adv grew from 4 to 10 people, a company now formed by a team of professionals with transversal skills that is able to offer its clients an excellent level of consultancy and services.

In 2015, after an experience in an event dedicated to a wedding, I realized that the wedding sector lacked strategic marketing and operational support, so I decided to focus my skills on this sector. Daruma for Wedding was born in this way.

I owe where I am today to the professional synergy with Sergio Maddalena and our team of collaborators. In Daruma Adv the work team is not only a procedure but a value that makes us unique and allows us to offer our clients the utmost professionalism, with the technical and creative skills that thread together and integrate to create the best possible solutions. We celebrate this team work every year with a Christmas party that is open to all the companies and professionals that share the team work with us.

In order to approach the target of the wedding sector and get to know it more deeply I decided to create a product for brides that has currently become a blog of information, in which themes tied to the most important day of a couple’s life are discussed and in which wedding professionals tell their stories.

In 2013 and 2014 I perceived that the wedding sector lacked vertical professionalism in marketing. In 2018, finding a void in entrepreneurial skills by wedding professionals, motivated me to create a new way of consulting. A training camp in which to deliver a marketing solution packaged by Daruma Adv, giving wedding professionals the managerial skills to bring success to their own wedding business. So Wedding Entrepreneur Boot camp was born.

Wendy is the avatar of the Apulia model of wedding planner. Often in my part of Italy the wedding professional par excellence is called “Wending”. From this beginning the nickname was shortened to “Wendy” and in turn became my regular spot on a local radio station in which I talk about everything that I love: marketing, business and lifestyle, alternating with a very personal selection of music. If you want to listen to me, tune in to FM 97.00 in the first Wednesday of every month at 7.00pm.