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Nervous anorexia is the protagonist of the blogs pro-ana.

I’m shocked! In this days I was wandering around the web looking for tips to get back in shape after Christmas holidays, I stumbled upon a site named attractive.

I start to read and I realize that the informations and tips that provides its users for to have a perfect body are pure madness.

To be fit is important “to eat as little as possible, almost nothing”, “if you get a stomachache just that you fold in two steps waiting for the pain”. I am appalled.

Here it is: it was one of those horrible pro anorexia website and that push young people to compete on their fitness.

Ana is the personification of nervous anorexia and she is the protagonist of these blogs pro-ana.

The authors of these online diaries speak about Ana as a very dear friend, they defend it if it is attacked by strangers and they are inspired by her as a model of perfect beauty.

Honestly, as a #beautifulaholic that I am, I decided to talk about this topic on my blog and supporting the battle to close these crazy websites that Vogue Italy has been promoting for several years. Because for me we have to fight against this. Beauty can not be a disease!

Nervous Anorexia is a disease that leads young girls to refuse food to the pursuit of thinness. Thinness associated with the disease and not to a healthy lifestyle is something bad. Health and beauty is a presentation of itself in style beyond the size you wear.

It tells you this a #beautifulaholic in size 42!


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