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St Valentine’s Day Italian Dream comes true

This topic will be special for all couples that are dreaming Italy for St Valentine’s Day. I will give you three special solutions for celebrate the day of love in beautiful italian places that I know very well and that I hove you will have the possibility to discover them.


Matera and its Sassi

This southern Italy town will be the European Capital of Culture in 2019 and until now it is known for the “Sassi”. The Sassi district is the ancient heart of the city of Matera.

The Sassi  surround the Civita and constitute a city unto itself, completely carved out of the face of the calcareous rock -what is known as tufa stone. The Sassi district is a system made of wellings carved out of the steep slopes of a deep valley with surprising and unusual features called the ‘Gravina’.

Matera is really suggestive. Sightseeing in the city to end the day in a luxury hotel where you can taste an excellent and romantic dinner could be a really wonderful St Valentine’s Day.

For read more: Matera’s Sassi



Fasano and Zoo Safari

Fasano is a tourist town of deep agriculture and crafts tradition. Like many towns of Southern Italy, Fasano is characterized by an old neighbor made of many small and narrow streets, whitewash walls, vaults and tiny squares.

This town will be a great destination for animals lovers for a special celebration of St Valentine’s Day. In Fasano it’s possible to visit one of most popular Zoo Safari of Europe. Powerful roars at sunset, verses disturbing sometimes almost human, puffs and mysterious rustlings, penetrating odor of wild: jungle, savannah, marsh? Much more than just a paradise of emotions!

I suggest to stay one of the beautiful luxury “masseria” of the place.

For more informations: Zoo Safari Fasano



Milano and Valentine’s Carnival

Capital of fashion and of design made in Italy, Milano offers a lot of possibilities for the lovers.

If you think that dinner in a romantic and luxury restaurant is nothing special for St Valentine’s Day. But a really funny alternative would be Valentine’s Carnival in 13rd February 2016. One of event of Royal Bourlesque Revue that, since its creation, has collected more than 130 artists from around the world, prestigious stars of Burlesque community, but also professionals from other artistic branches, side show, dancers Charleston, cabaret and Lindy Hoppers.

A Sofa Deluxe for watch a humoristic and sexy show, drinking a glass (or more) of Champagne would be a carefree Valentine’s Day.

Luxury Hotel to stay in Milano are a lot so it will be easy to choise one of them but I have always my favourite, of corse.

For Valentine’s Carnival reservations: Royal Burlesque Revue

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