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Bad taste? No time? Be smart!

How many times in your day it happens that you meet women dressed so terrible? and maybe these women make a job where she offers style and beauty.
The question that I ask to myself every time is: how do you propose yourself speaking about something beautiful, good taste and style if your appearance says the opposite that you try to tell to the others?

Well, dear women with no time or bad taste I want to share with you all a little craftiness.

Total Black Style: the solution for to be glamour if you have no idea about fashions trends because you are so busy or distracted for look around you and realize what is fashionable now, or … in the case that you have an unrecoverable bad taste!

Total Black Style is the best solution even when you have to travel, for a business journey for example, where you have to be perfect for a couple of the days and with a small luggage!

Here it is: one black dress, one trousers (in this years it is preferables a skinny one), one pencil skirt, a couple of shirts, a pair of hight hills shoes and a flat one and, here we go, you have all that you need for to be on trend.

If by chance you are to the next level, you can also bring with you a few jewels: colorful for the day, gold for the evening!

When you will arrive to the expert level, you will be very smart and you will start to buy on sale sensational clothes in a glamour noir addicted style and will have the best solution in the emergency situations!

Only a few little hints: you have to bring out points of light very specific. The neck, first, and decolleté and parts of the legs.

Take advantage now on Elisabetta Official Store, my favourite brand for everything and the best black style of corse.

Elisabetta Franchi Official Store

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