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A special church for a special Wedding Italy

Where the sea and the warmth of the Italian temperatures meets art, stands the last magnificent masterpiece of Edoardo Tresoldi where dream a really special Wedding Italy. One early Basilica reconstructed with metal wires, from the idea of architecture stripped of his weight, which turns into the structure that houses the landscape.

This amazing work tend to incorporate art within the landscape it is placed and vice-versa, playing with the transparency of light wire mesh to create an affiliation with space, delicately and silently integrating itself within the setting.

The work presents the relationship between art and the world. The work portrays the Basilica in modern times where archeology and contemporary art are fused, to present a metaphysical dimension, just like a link to the location’s past.

Getting married within in a similar theater, a combination of ancient and modern expression, it would achieve a unique celebration that would tell a love story in a truly special and memorable way. I went personally to see this amazing masterpiece and I can say that it is really breathtaking!

Ines Pesce

Ines Pesce

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