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I admit it: I love gold in all its facets!

The gold has the power to make special and edgy all combinations. It is able to give to evrything a marked imprint luxury.

In this article I suggest a combination of peach and gold color for a summer wedding, preferably evening.

I imagine a sophisticated bride, wearing a suit of Galia Lahav.
The dress I suggest is Patchouli, collection St. Tropez Cruise: pearled french lace backless dress, back decorated with rows of pearls, irregular and voluminous hem.

Hidden under the beautiful dress, ready to enhance it just movement and silk veil allow him, a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. I mean the Lang: shappy sandals from red carpet perfect for glamourous wedding dress.

To complete the bride’s set will be a bouquet with predominance of peach color, softened by the shades of pink, ivory and orange and collected with a simple golden ribbon.

The wedding cake, the other queen of the day, will follow exactly the style of the bride. A veil of sugar paste in ivory wrap the different plans. Peach colored flowers, always in sugar paste, will drop it from the top to down. The backsplash and the details of the flowers will be strictly golden.

For see Galia Lahav Collection visit

Galia Lahav Wedding Dress

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